Blackmoor Security - A Division of Atlantic Safety Centre

Formerly ASC Security, Blackmoor Security represents over 40 years of leadership in industrial and enterprise asset safety and protection. Blackmoor is a leader in Industrial Security Services. Keeping your workers, operations, and property safe should always be a number one priority. Blackmoor has been providing safety and security services to a number of small and mega projects throughout Newfoundland and Labrador for over 40 years. These services have been intertwined with onsite occupational health and safety. The goal of Blackmoor is to provide excellence in security service delivery to all clients.

The security professionals of Blackmoor Security offer the necessary combined experience to control the risk of losses in a wide range of industrial settings. Members of the senior security staff have been extensively involved throughout their careers in the delivery of both law enforcement and industrial loss control services.

Past and current clients include: Voisey’s Bay Exploration, Voisey’s Bay Nickel, SNC Lavalin, The Bull Arm Site, Vale, First Aid and Medical Services at the White Rose Extension Project in Argentia, Construction at the Vale Long Harbour Processing Plant, and Tata Steel in Shefferville.

ASC Innu Security Limited Partnership

ASC Innu Security Limited Partnership is a venture between Atlantic Safety Centre and Innu Security of Sheshatshui, Labrador (Marty Andrew and Clarence Nui). The mission of this limited partnership is to deliver loss control services including security and safety consulting personnel, quality safety training, along with other related services to clients throughout Labrador.